Updated for 2.4.3

Due to a change on Blizzard's CDN, it is no longer possible to get a list of all past (and future) builds, so it will only let you parse the current live and PTR versions.

Datamining tool for D3 (console version).
Loads game data either from an installed game, or from Blizzard CDN (any version from 2.3.0 and up; CDN contains data from 2.2.0 but since some file formats have been changed in 2.3.0 the tool will likely crash attempting to parse 2.2.0 files).
Using the CDN data requires less bandwidth than downloading the entire game — for example, simply extracting game data from the latest version only requires 111MB download. All files are cached for later use, which makes loading other versions considerably faster since most files are reused.


  • Extract game data — parses items/itemsets/skills and creates HTML files in 'game' folder.
  • Compare versions — compares the current version with another version that has been previously analyzed, and saves the results as HTML files in 'diff' folder. The current version is considered to be newer.
  • Dump SNO data — extract all files of a given type as JSON, in 'Work/<type>' folder.
  • Extract icons — extract all item icons into 'Work/icons.wgz' (an internal archive format), for use in the Browse option.
  • Model viewer — model viewer (see below).
  • Browse extracted data (from main menu) — launch a local webserver that lets you easily navigate extracted data, similar to D3Planner game data. If the page doesn't open automatically, navigate to http://localhost:5757/game/items in your browser after starting the server.

Model viewer

Choose actor from the top list, select animation and enable subobjects by choosing their material.
Click+drag to rotate, mouse wheel for zoom, spacebar to pause animation, B to show bones.

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