RMPQEx Map Extractor

RMPQEx is a powerful MPQ/map extractor for Warcraft III. It is based on my own MPQ library that should support latest WoW/SC2 archives as well (except patch chains since it only lets you open one archive at a time). It is widely used to study the mechanics of maps such as Dota.


  • Can extract any file, including those with unknown names.
  • Includes a basic listfile with the default WC3 paths.
  • Filename search aka reconstructing listfile - should find all used files and some unused, except those specified in JASS in obfuscated form, e.g. "ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTN" + "Something" + ".blp".
  • Search unknown files in other maps, useful if you have other versions of the same map.
  • Dump object data in .txt files in human-readable form (almost), works with widgetized maps as well.
  • Deobfuscate JASS script to make it readable
  • Dota data is fully loaded from the map, so when a new version is released the program will automatically read the new data.
  • Built-in hex and image viewers (right-click a file and choose View binary/View image)


  • Listfiles: use before loading a map, select listfiles to use (it doesnt save whatever you add there if you exit the program).
  • Open: open the specified map.
  • Add listfile: look for unknown files in another listfile.
  • Auto search: the "reconstructing listfile" feature.
  • Search in files: look in other maps for unknown files.
  • Extract listfile: write the file list to an external file.
  • Dump object data: self explanatory.
  • Deobfuscate JASS script: self explanatory.
  • Extract to: select the path for extracted files.


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