GifMagick is a simple tool for making animated GIFs out of a video or a sequence of images.

In the initial window, specify target image dimensions and maximum output file size. Select either a video file, or one image of a sequence (all images of the same type in that folder will be used), and click Load. You will then be asked to choose a crop rectangle.
Alternatively, select a program to capture (any DirectX 9 game) or the screen, and press Capture. Press the hotkey (Scroll Lock by default) once and tab back to set the crop region, then use the hotkey again to begin/end recording.
After loading completes, you will need to choose first and last frames of the animation, using 5 view modes for reference (hotkeys 1-5). Clicking "Save as GIF" will save the animation, dropping frames if necessary to satisfy the file size requirements. "Save as PNG" saves the animation as series of PNG images. "Blur frames" will blur the specified number of frames at the beginning and at the end of the animation - use it if you got the image to loop perfectly, but can't get the background details (such as smoke) to blend.

Downloads: by Riv ([email protected]) - All rights reserved