Kappa UI Downloads

Source code can be found at Google Code.


  • v0.8: Fixed a bug that caused heavy CPU consumption by kappa64 in Windows 8.
  • v0.7: Overlay window can properly receive focus now and no longer causes the taskbar to appear. Preview should no longer be updated when the launcher is in the background (less lag).
  • v0.6: Added DX10 support; added 'Overlay window' mode that creates a popup window instead of attaching to another process.
  • v0.5: Added DX11 support. Currently interferes with Fraps, haven't tried with OBS/XSplit but hopefully it should work fine.
  • v0.4: Added reply function (very basic).
  • v0.3: Added 64 bit compatibility.
  • Fixed "non-zero reference count" error and launcher crash when minimizing the game.
  • Fixed rendering in some games (should work in WoW now)
  • Added port setting

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