Heroes Replay Manager

Latest version: 1.01
Links: Downloads.

Project is currently abandoned, since websites such as HotsLogs provide the same functionality in a more convenient form. Also, updating it is a pain since they change the replay format with every patch and there is no documentation for it.

Heroes Replay Manager is a tool for browsing and parsing Heroes of the Storm replays.

This is pretty much a direct "port" of my original Dota Replay Manager for Heroes of the Storm. If you've used DRM, you should be familiar with the interface. For now, Heroes replay files offer very limited information, so there isn't much to display, but hope you will find the new & improved Timeline feature useful.


  • Explorer-like replay browser (tree view+list fiew) with functions for copy/paste/drag-and-drop, delete/rename and creating folders.
  • Organize auto-saved replays date, and store downloaded replays separately.
  • Replay search with a lot of options like map, game mode/length, player names and heroes.
  • Viewing replays directly from internet (if a URL is supplied).
  • Displays extended game information and list of players with their heroes and talent builds.
  • Timeline view - displays a rough estimation of the hero movement throughout the game, useful for finding specific moments in the replay.


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