Dota Replay Manager

Latest version: 3.04
Links: PlayDota topic, source code at Google Code.

Dota Replay Manager is a tool for browsing Warcraft III replays with lots of additional features for parsing DotA replays.

I started this tool back in 2007, and released the first version in December 2007. Since then, it has been greatly expanded, and recently rewritten from scratch to improve stability and make it easier to introduce new features. It is my biggest project to date, however, since Wc3 community is dying out, I will not be updating it anymore.


  • Explorer-like replay browser (tree view+list fiew) with functions for copy/paste/drag-and-drop, delete/rename and creating folders.
  • Organize replays by folder or by date.
  • Auto-copying new replays (from LastReplay.w3g) and batch copying existing replays.
  • Replay search with a lot of options like game name, length, map version, player names and heroes.
  • Viewing replays directly from internet (if a URL is supplied).
  • Displays a list of replays with statistics for player or hero.
  • Dota data is fully loaded from the map, so when a new version is released the program will automatically read the new data.
  • Displays extended game information and list of players with score, lane, item build.
  • Colored chat log with lots of game messages; search and filtering is supported.
  • Timeline view - displays *estimated* hero movement over time - an animated version of the replay with many features.
  • Hero builds - skill and item orders.
  • Action charts - including different action types, group hotkeys used, and APM over time graph.
  • Gold and experience timeline graphs
  • Presentation tab - format the replay info in plain text mode, forum BB codes or HTML.
  • Shows hero pool for -rd/-cd and bans/picks for -cd/-cm.
  • Full action log with graphical information for in-depth replay analyzis.

Screenshots: by Riv ([email protected]) - All rights reserved