Diablo III Character Planner

Main Page: www.d3planner.com
PTR Page (when available): ptr.d3planner.com

D3Planner is a tool that lets you plan and share your Diablo III builds.


  • Paperdoll for quick build overview.
  • 3D view of your character, including dyes and transmogrifications.
  • Equipment editor with all current (and many legacy) legendary items.
  • Extensive list of stats; hovering over individual stats will list the items and effects contributing to that stat.
  • Skill editor with complete information for every skill (damage, cooldowns, etc). Hovering over most values will show the damage formulas.
  • Import existing characters from Live servers, or save and load profiles.
  • Register to track a list of your saved profiles. You can also store items you create in a 'stash' (it has nothing to do with your in-game stash).
  • Simulator for advanced damage calculations.
  • Regularly updated for latest PTR versions.
  • Available in most languages (some languages aren't fully translated). See translation status, or volunteer to help with translations here.

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