Overwatch Tournament Stats

Hero pick statistics from recent Overwatch tournaments, with various filters.

PoE Tree Planner

Passive tree planner for Path of Exile, supports Ascendancy, and remembers build order (useful for guides).
Check out other resources: UNID map calculator, Jewel crafting calculator, Darkshrine effect list.

Diablo III Character Planner

Create, import and share Diablo III character profiles.

Dota Database

Database containing all object data and scripts from the original WC3 Dota.

Dota Replay Manager

A tool for browsing and parsing Warcraft III/Dota replays.

Heroes Replay Manager

A tool for browsing and parsing Heroes of the Storm replays.


Reforge calculator addon for World of Warcraft.

Kappa UI

Display an interactive twitch chat overlay in any game.


Extensible Lua scripting framework for Windows.


MPQ extractor for Warcraft III. Supports object dump and JASS deobfuscation.


A simple tool for making animated GIFs out of a video or a sequence of images.


Displays characters and items from D2Bot mules folder.

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